3 foot chocolate heart

Made in chocolate by The Chocolate Experience, Inc.

Welcome to our Valentine's Day Chocolate land
where all our participants are made of chocolate
They are truly sweet & scrumptious

our item  #V055 -  ABOUT 20 lbs.  3 foot by 3 foot (approximately)

This heart is made with dark, white & milk chocolates.
Decorated with :
chocolate dipped fresh strawberries, 
red foiled long stem chocolate roses, 
nuts & M&M's

We can make it to your own specifications !!!!!!

Part of a larger selection, see our main page

We make to order
Chocolate novelties  *  large 3D figurines
Impressive Gift Baskets
the most imaginable eatable gifts

The Chocolate Experience
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Flushing NY 11354

e-mail to: chocomelt@aol.com
Call:  1-888-568-6665  or in NY 718-461-1873
Fax: 718-321-0217

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