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Manufacturer of the most unique chocolate works of art

Ordering Information Page - text only

We ship worldwide - we let UPS, Fedex & The US Mail deliver for us
We deliver personally only in the NY Queens area

This ordering page pertains to shipping products from the general catalog.
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a chocolate bar

Factory / Store located at : 150-07 Bayside Ave. * P.O. Box 540836 * Flushing NY 11354
Phone: Within New York State: 718-461-1873
Outside New York State: (888) 568-6665  or (800) 665-5559
Fax:(718) 321-0217
e-mail :


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a chocolate bar

Please note that:

- All novelties are hand made in milk chocolate, details are beautifully accented in a rainbow of colors.
   You have to request dark or white chocolates.
- All items are made of chocolate unless otherwise indicated. e.g.:Boxes and Vases - are made of chocolate.
- Colors may Vary & Weights are approximate.
- All the Chocolates are wrapped with colophane & ribbons.  Gift wrapping is extra!

Please Note:     In the price list All novelties with:
"*" next to the price are sold by weight only.  Price per pound - $10.00
"" next to the description - item cannot be shipped, have to be picked up - Sorry.

Special Orders:   1. All novelties, can be made with Sugar-Free Chocolate, with or without colors.
Add 25% to mentioned retail price.
2. We can customize the order to your needs.
3. Items are usually made with milk chocolate.
You can ask for: Dark or White Chocolate instead.

Corporate Gifts:    Please check the catalog for ideas. You are not limited to what you see!
Our specialty is working with you to develop your concepts.

Minimum Order:  $20.00  for novelties
                                         $25.00 for gift baskets

Discounts for resale or fund raising only:    Orders over $250.00  -  10% discount
Orders over $500.00  -  15% discount

Turnaround Time:  Remember that all Novelties are handmade to order so
please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
We will try to make it faster, but your consideration will be appreciated !
Please give us even more time  before a holiday.
To expedite delivery please fax: 718-321-0217, or call: 888-568-6665, or [e-mail] us the order.

FREE: We will include any card that you supply us or we will mention you as the sender.

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a chocolate bar

Shipping can be charged only after products are weighed by us since weight vary.

All orders are F.O.B. Flushing, NY.
Shipped usually via:  UPS ground, Air Parcel Post or Delta Air.
We can ship next day, you have to ask for it.
We attempt to ship at the least expensive, but most expedient way.
No Chocolate Shipments July-August.

Drop Shipping:    Each gift shipped to a different location will be charged as a separate shipment.
An acknowledgement will be sent to you at time of shipment.

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a chocolate bar

Terms:   C.O.D.  -  Add $5.00 to shipping price
Pre-payment by check or money order - There will be a $25.00 service charge on returned checks
Please do not send cash.
We accept MasterCard,  Visa & American Express

Please DO NOT E-mail us your credit card number.
Only Fax or Phone it in.

Returns:   No returns accepted without authorization first.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.
Keep all Chocolates in a cool place and not in direct sunlight. Do Not refrigerate. Shelf life - 1 year.

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End of ordering information page.