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[Tom Bacanti's Outpost, lots of information & links for the blind]
[Ann Morris Enterprises, Inc. products to make your life easier!]
[Cathy's Newstand - Great source for news enterteinment & much more]
[Dialoque Magazine Support Group style large entertainment & resource sections]
[Ron Marriage's extensive blind related links]
[W3 Access for Blind and Visually Impaired Computer Users]
[Blind Net Home Page
[ Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems - a unique LEGO®-type Brailled blocks ]
[Humboldt County 4-H Guide DOg Puppy Raisers]
[Jeff Redding's Homepage]
[ "Hits To Sales" - Internet Marketing Strategies]
[ "Blindness Resources from the The NY Institute for Special Education]
[ The Visually Impaired Information Center ]  -  braille translation
books on line
guide dog music

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MD Support provides information and support for people dealing with macular degeneration and related diseases of the retina which lead to blindness or other vision impairment.

Bavisoft. Software for the blind and visually impaired. Introducing audio games created purely with sound imagery.

SETI Speech Friendly Search Engine

Free Web-Based Braille Transcribing Service

Software and touch-sensitive tactile input devices for spelling and text input that can really help young blind children on the computer.

This is a small listing of information that I have pulled from another page, hope it helps.

*American Printing House for the Blind
*Ann Morris Catalog
*Beyond Sight
*The Chocolate Experience (featuring Choco-braille!)
*Independent Living Aids
*LS&S Group
*Maxi Aids

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