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February 2001 - Issue 25
Advertisers Welcome to the GoTo™ Gazette newsletter -- your source for news, tips and information about your advertising program on GoTo™.
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NEWS PREMIUM LISTINGS ARE HERE! Double your clicks with Premium Listings DIRECTRAFFIC CENTER® IMPROVEMENTS MAKE IT BETTER THAN EVER! New Search Listing Look-up and Re-sort Capability make managing your listings easy USE BANNERS AND TILES TO PROMOTE YOUR SITE ON GOTO™ SHOPPING Web search advertisers may qualify for discounted pricing UK SEARCH TERM SUGGESTION TOOL IS UP AND RUNNING GoTo UK advertisers can use this tool to add new terms to their accounts! EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF CHANNELFUSION™ GoTo™ Auctions' ChannelFusion™ puts your product in front of millions through a network of the most liquid e-marketplaces FEEDBACK FROM THE FIELD ANOTHER GOTO SUCCESS STORY! Our success story is on
Double the number of clicks to your site by bidding your listings to the top three positions!

Premium Listings If you haven't heard about Premium Listings yet, either your computer is broken… or you've been on vacation! Premium Listings (the top 3 search listings) are a great way to get tons of high-quality traffic from some of the biggest and most popular sites on the Web. These listings get twice the number of clicks as our other listings (positions 4-240) combined! And, they're accessible to 75% of the Internet's users! Visit our site for more information on Premium Listings.
DIRECTRAFFIC CENTER® IMPROVEMENTS MAKE IT BETTER THAN EVER! We've just added several new enhancements to the "Change Bids" and "Manage Listings" sections of DirecTraffic Center® that make finding and modifying your search listings easier than ever. First, we're thrilled to introduce our new "Search Listing Lookup" feature, which allows you to search for your listings by search term, URL, bid, bid range, and words or portions of words within your titles and descriptions. Located in the right-hand column of DirecTraffic Center® in the Change Bids and Modify Listings sections, this feature makes it easier to find the listings with the bids you want to adjust, and the listings you want to modify. Simply go to the drop-down menu and define how you want to do your search, then go to it! It's that easy! Another new feature is our new "Re-Sorting" feature. You can now re-sort some of the columns within DirecTraffic Center® so that your listings appear in the order you want. Previously, your search terms appeared in alphabetical order on any given page. By clicking on the column links, you can sort by that column in descending or ascending order. With these enhancements, you can now re-sort the columns by search term, current bid, URL or title, depending on the section in DirecTraffic Center®. And finally, you can now set the number of listings you want to see on a page, with a maximum of 200. Rather than just seeing 20 search listings at a time, you can now specify if you'd like to see 20 - or 120 or 200 -- listings at a time! These are just some of the improvements we are making to DirecTraffic Center® this year. Please send us your comments and feedback at
USE BANNERS AND TILES TO PROMOTE YOUR SITE ON GOTO™ SHOPPING GoTo Shopping is pleased to announce its new Advertising Sponsorship program. Starting now, advertisers on GoTo Shopping can advertise their brand, Web site or promotion on the GoTo Shopping home page, major channel pages, and sub-channel pages through highly visible banners and tiles. And, as a GoTo Web search advertiser, you may qualify for special discounted pricing on GoTo Shopping's Sponsorship Advertising! Our Sponsorship program is a great way to get your brand and promotions out to targeted shoppers! Contact Mondy Beller at or 626-229-6251 for more information about our Advertising Sponsorship Program.
UK SEARCH TERM SUGGESTION TOOL IS UP AND RUNNING! GoTo’s Search Term Suggestion Tool is now available in the UK. When you type in a search term, the UK Search Term Suggestion Tool gives you a list of related terms that were searched upon on GoTo UK’s partner sites during the previous month. This is a great tool for advertisers who are looking to add new terms to their accounts to increase the breadth and depth of their exposure, enabling them to hone in on targeted traffic through their keyword listings. GoTo UK advertisers can access the UK Search Term Suggestion tool by visiting the GoTo UK DirecTraffic Centre™, and clicking on the ‘Add Listings’ tab. For more information on the UK Search Term Suggestion Tool, or any other information about GoTo UK, please call 0800 169 9740 in the UK or 1-877-999-4686.
EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF CHANNELFUSION™ GoTo Auctions introduces ChannelFusion™, a solution to open a new sales and distribution channel connecting your product to millions of potential buyers over dynamic-price e-marketplaces. With over 15 million buyers on existing sites, participating in online auctions is a smart business decision. What's more, ChannelFusion™ puts your product in front of millions through a network of the most liquid e-marketplaces. ChannelFusion™ provides many benefits:
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